Have you ever wondered when it comes to Wedding music – Where do I start?  Which music provider to choose, what songs to play and when to Play them?

Your wedding music providers and playlist can be a difficult decision to make. The artists you know and love have formed your taste in music and you’re looking for musicians to provide that same sound and ambience that you love. You want your musicians to not only sound great but know a thing or two about playing at weddings and know what is needed on the day. There are many musicians that would love to play music at your wedding, but the appeal of wedding musicians is that they live and breathe weddings and know how a typical wedding day goes and you can feel comfortable that there is a sense of professionalism within that expertise.

Wedding Planning Music Tips

I always say to brides that choosing your ceremony songs is much like choosing your wedding day perfume, because no matter how old you are, or where you are in the world, when you hear the songs you have selected they will bring you and your partner right back to the day you got married. For this reason, we encourage you to choose wisely!

When planning music for your wedding there are three different phases of the day that music needs to be considered.

The big four are:

  1. ‘Guests Arrival’ Music
  2. ‘Ceremony’ Music
  3. Drinks / Canapes Hour Music (In between your ceremony finishing and reception starting)
  4. Dancefloor Music

My biggest suggestion for you is to make a note in your phone ready to write down song titles in case you hear a song that you love and could imagine being a part of your day.  Brides will tell me that they don’t know where to start, and I always say that listening to playlists on Spotify or Apple music is a great start, but even being open to hearing something in the car on your way to work on the radio.

If you’re really stuck, look over my FREE Ceremony Music Inspiration List of songs Jake and I have played during ceremonies in the past that have been absolutely gorgeous for those memorable tear-jerking moments. There are many different suggestions on there to suit you, whether you like pop music, alternative indie music or singer songwriter style. We even have songs on there that you may not think would work for an aisle walk or signing the registry because they’re upbeat.  However, being acoustic musicians, we have the ability to slow a song down and turn the most energetic songs into slow love ballads.


‘Guest Arrival’ Music

While your guests are arriving at your venue, there are a few things that tell them they are in the right place. The first one is of course, if they can see the set up, and see other guests in fancy clothes gathering. Secondly, if there is live music playing it can also reassure your guests they’re in the right spot. As your guests arrive, soft alluring music brings people into the space and it can make your guests (and groom) feel really at ease. We play music live that indicates to guests the upcoming events. You need the right vibe if you will!


‘Ceremony’ Music

Your ceremony music is so important. This is where it is crucial to have live musicians be your first consideration for this. Throughout your ceremony, you will need a song for your:

  1. ‘Bridal Party Entrance’ (Optional)
  2. ‘Walk Down The Aisle’ (We suggest an emotional and romantic song)
  3. ‘Signing The Registry’ (We suggest a song that is special to you both)
  4. ‘Walk back Down The Aisle’ (We suggest an upbeat, celebratory song)


‘Drinks Hour/Canapes’ Music

This can be split into two different phases of your day. You will need ambient music for the time in-between your ceremony finishing and your reception beginning. This is usually the drinks/canapes hour while you and your new husband/wife are off being models getting photos! Your guests will mingle, eat, drink, take photos and it can’t be silent, you need background music. Alluring and inviting music is simply divine underneath chatter and really provides that extra feeling of luxury behind a wedding day, particularly when that ambience music is played live.

The second phase of ambience music is music played over the course of the night during dinner and in between speeches. During dinner, music has the power to create intimacy, we play slower tempo songs but not as slow as your ceremony, this is when your music starts to get a little more fun as that suits the essence of the night. As the meals are finishing up, we increase the tempo of the songs. See our regular set list that we work through for ambient music on a wedding day.


‘Dancefloor’ Music

Father Daughter Dance

This is an incredibly emotional moment, for yourself and the father of the bride, but also for all of your guests that watch as so many can relate to a parents love and pride that swells up in them so many emotions when they are giving away their daughter officially. This song is played live by us in both our 3 Hour and Deluxe Package.

First Dance

Your first dance as husband and wife. Perhaps you are the couple that has learnt a choregraphed dance, spent hours perfecting it and had so much fun along the way. Or perhaps you’re the couple that isn’t too much for learning dance moves so you would rather sway together for your first dance, and that is more than enough for you. Either way, you will need to choose a song that is reminiscent of you both as a couple. Perhaps it is a song from an album you could not stop playing on one of your favourite holidays or road trips together. Or maybe it’s a song that describes your relationship perfectly that you struggle to articulate yourself. If you need help keep an eye out for my next blog post on my list of Father Daughter Dance Songs & First Dance Songs for Inspiration.


After the first dance it is time for us as musicians to get the dance floor pumping. This responsibility lies with us and it is not a responsivity we take lightly! Now is the time for us to let loose with some upbeat songs, we want your guests to look at their closest friend and say “I LOVE THIS SONG!”. This is either where you have a DJ arrive, or see our Deluxe Package, where we provide a DJ experience without the turntables to provide a fun and rhythmic atmosphere. Then late into the night we’ll bring out the slower sexy tunes to help you either finish with a bang or wind down after a long day.

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