Introducing Jake and Amy, the visionary creators to BTV Music, a husband and wife partnership that transcends the ordinary, acclaimed as the foremost musical duo at the heart of Adelaide’s vibrant music scene.

The acclaimed duo have graced over 250 weddings since coming onto the scene together in 2019. A marriage of Amy’s commanding, soul-stirring vocals and Jake’s virtuosic prowess on the guitar, their synergy is a coveted treasure, sought by those with a discerning ear and a desire for sonic excellence and precision.

Amy’s vocal artistry possesses a distinctive resonance, an enthralling blend of emotive and creative vocals. She masterfully employs her chest register, eliciting that poignant ‘cry’ tone and impassioned grit that has become her signature. Drawing inspiration from vocal virtuosity such as, Sara Bareilles, Lennon Stella, and Lizzy McAlpine, Amy’s voice is an evocative force. Her voice, in many ways, is a rare “gift,” capable of touching souls at their very core.

In the realm of strings, Jake stands as an accomplished maestro, having honed his craft while pursuing a music degree, graduating in 2017. Jake draws his inspiration from the luminaries of his craft, including the likes of John Mayer, Tom Misch, and James Bay. Jake’s musical finesse lies in his ability to accompany Amy’s vocals with an astute understanding that a great accompanist complements vocals without overshadowing.

Their accolades are not merely words; they are etched in the heartfelt testimonials of those who have borne witness to their extraordinary talents.

Read one of their five star reviews here.

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Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

Turning Pages – Sleeping At Last


Alex & Vince

Allow us to introduce you to the captivating duo, Alex & Vince, an adored duo.

Alex, our venerable vocal virtuoso, is an ardent lover of jazz, a genre that flows through her vocal ability. Her vocals have earned her comparisons to the incomparable Etta James and other luminaries of the jazz realm.

On the instrumental front, we find Vince, a maestro of exceptional calibre, whose musical journey led him to the esteemed Adelaide Conservatorium of Music, where he completed his jazz degree with honours. Vince’s artistry extends beyond conventional boundaries, employing chord extensions and advanced finger-picking techniques to craft a multi-layered symphony within every song. A virtuoso guitarist of the highest order, Vince’s performances are a testament to his ability to awe and inspire audiences.

As you embark on a sonic journey with Alex & Vince, you will be transported to a realm where melodies take flight and emotions run deep.

Read one of their five star reviews here.





Ella & Ned, a celestial pairing, encapsulate the very essence of musical enchantment. Ella, a luminary singer-songwriter in her own right, embarked on her musical odyssey at the tender age of fifteen, finding her musical home within the local Adelaide band scene. Her soul-stirring artistry has garnered over 159,000 streams on Spotify. This beauty is well on her way to stardom. Ella’s voice has been hailed as “hauntingly gripping,” with an eclectic style that gracefully traverses the realms of folk, post-rock, and jazz.

Her inspirations are drawn from the likes of Cat Power, Angel Olsen, Lera Lynn, Phoebe Bridgers, and the illustrious Joni Mitchell.

Together, Ella & Ned create a melodious tapestry that is both timeless and contemporary. Their harmonies are an invocation of emotions, a stirring journey through the heart’s deepest corridors.

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In the harmonious world of music, where melodies become emotions and lyrics paint vivid stories, emerges the enchanting duo of Ciára and Jaime. These two gifted artists are a symphony unto themselves, crafting a tapestry of sound that marries the spirit of pop with the heartfelt authenticity of singer-songwriting.

Ciára, with her ethereal vocals, possesses the rare ability to traverse the spectrum of emotion with each note.

Jaime, the virtuoso of instrumentation and vocals is a master. With her skilful ability to play keys, she orchestrates an enchanting symphony that complements both vocals with rich texture. Her arrangements are a testament to her musical prowess, seamlessly blending elements of pop and singer-songwriter genres.

Their melodies are a like a warm conversation you have with your best friend, a dialogue between heart and ear, where every phrase is imbued with meaning and every chorus becomes an anthem of emotion.

Prepare to be swept away by their captivating sound.



Perfect – Ed Sheeran




Mary and Adam, a musical melange  blending Jazz, Pop, Folk and Soul to create captivating covers that resonate to familiarity and charm.

Mary, with vocals like velvet, whisks up melodies that span a range of styles —a voice that captures the essence of beloved classics and it’s her renditions of these that has her stand out as the virtuoso that she is.

Adam, her musical counterpart, gracefully accompanies Mary with a rhythmic dynamic and soft paired back guitar when Marys voice needs little to shine brightest. Adam is a guitar guru and his finesse along the frets delivers all of the well known tunes in their sets so they are instantly recognisable.

Their renditions of well loved songs when listened to feel like old friends,  comfortably nostalgic and oh so warm.

As they bring a sense of ease and familiarity, they blend so many well loved genres like into a perfect fusion.



Better Together – Jack Johnson

At Last – Etta James



In the realm of harmonious expression, we unveil the captivating duo of Jess and Lachy—a musical pairing that exemplifies the very essence of an acoustic duo.

Jess, the vocal powerhouse, possesses a voice that dances upon air, her vocal range is an exploration of emotional depths and soaring heights. Her voice has been ardently referred  as ‘breathtakingly gorgeous’ as she gives her heart and soul in every performance.

Beside her stands Lachy, a guitarist that accompanies Jess beautifully, not taking away from the centrepiece that is Jess’ vocals.






Ella is a solo singer/songwriter who has been playing guitar since the ripe age of ten after being inspired by a year-long trip around the world that exposed her to an array of musical genres. She has been singing and playing guitar in bands around Adelaide since she was 15 years old, and her sound is deeply rooted in folk, with a flourish of country and indie/alternative. The musical inspirations she draws on are Neil young, Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley. 

Her proudest moments include writing and recording her original full length album due for release on March 10, 2023. She got the incredible opportunity to play bass and sing on the LANY tour as a part of Bjéar in 2022 too.

Ella loves that she is able to provide a unique sound and feeling through my music that can create a really distinctive and memorable vibe for the couple on their special day. She can’t help but to shed a little tear as the bride walks down the aisle and when they have their first dance… every time

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Into My Arms – Nick Cave

Harvest Moon – Neil Young



Jamie is a musician from the suburbs of Adelaide, with, many, many talents. She emerges as a versatile multi-instrumentalist, with her primary focus residing in the realm of serene yet unwavering vocals, complemented by the ethereal sounds of her acoustic and electric guitars.

Jamie’s artistic wellspring draws inspiration from the rich tapestries of jazz and folk, while her favorite artists encompass a wide spectrum—from the soulful resonance of Lianne La Havas to the lyrical prowess of Lauryn Hill. Her musical essence thrives on crafting relaxed yet soul-stirring renditions of beloved classics and radio hits.

Notably for weddings, Jamie’s expertise extends to curating enchanting arrangements for aisle walk songs, earning adoring praises from brides who commend her flawless executions of their chosen songs. And guests, enchanted by her melodies, find themselves raving about her music throughout the entire day.

We hold a special place in our hearts for Jamie C, and we’re confident that, like us, you’ll fall in love with her musical artistry too

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Is This Love – Bob Marley

Songbird – Eva Cassidy





Amy, the visionary responsible of the creation of Behind The Veil Music, has been an integral part of Adelaide’s music scene since 2015, crafting melodic magic that continues to captivate hearts and souls. While she is celebrated for her mesmerizing duo with Jake, Amy also graces solo performances, lending her artistry to weekday (including Friday) weddings and corporate events.

Her musical roots are firmly planted in the vibrant soil of pop, enriched by subtle infusions of country, indie singer/songwriter and folk. This fusion of genres forms the bedrock of her distinct sound, a sound that soothes.

In the annals of Amy’s extraordinary career, 2016 stands as a remarkable milestone. She stood before an awe-struck audience of 10,000 at a Keith Urban concert, a performance that not only captured the hearts of her listeners but also drew international and national acclaim. Her prowess as a songwriter also came to the forefront when she clinched the prestigious first place in an international songwriting competition—a testament to her lyrical finesse and songcrafting brilliance.

Among her illustrious achievements, the crowning jewel of her journey is the establishment of BTV Music in 2019. This musical haven has become Adelaide’s leading entertainment companies and Amy has been at the very conception.

Amy’s gentle guitar accompaniment is nothing short of sublime, a delicate dance that artfully complements her exquisite vocal tones, often leaving her audiences awestruck.

Read some of her five star reviews here.



Turning Pages – Sleeping At Last


Enter the enchanting realm of our solo virtuoso, Alex—an impassioned jazz aficionado whose vocal prowess has earned her comparisons to legendary greats such as Etta James and other luminaries of the jazz universe.

Alex’s voice is a melodic force, transcending notes and melodies to transport listeners to the heart of jazz’s golden age. Her performances evoke profound and exquisite emotions, offering a timeless journey through the rich tapestry of not only jazz songs but pop songs with that little jazz inflection.

While her vocal prowess takes center stage, Alex complements her melodies with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. Her guitar subtly enhances the enchantment, adding harmony and rhythm to her musical storytelling.

Her dedication and expertise, culminated in a jazz degree from the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music. Her performances reflect her deep-rooted passion for jazz, a genre that beckons listeners into a world of timeless elegance.

Step into the captivating world of Alex, where every note resonates with the incomprehensible beauty of jazz. In her solo mode, she invites you to immerse yourself in the timeless melodies guided by her outstanding voice and acoustic guitar accompaniment.



What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong




Jaime is a luminary whose pop singer-songwriter talents shine as she accompanies herself on the keyboard. With her beginnings found Jamie was born and raised in Kadina, South Australia and at twenty five years of age has already achieved more than most.

Jaime was a winner in the 2018 SCALA (Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association) FOOM Competition for her original song Postcard, and has completed her First Class Honours Degree in Popular Music and Songwriting.

Jamie’s incomparable sound has been compared to the likes of Sia and Adele. Her vocals are both emotive and intriguing and her piano accompaniment is both unique and beautiful.




Lover – Taylor Swift


Adelaide’s very own pop sensation who’s like the A list actor that can’t resist the charms of his hometown.

Despite touring with the likes of LANY and racking up over four million Spotify streams, he’s our local secret.

Now, we know “pop” can be as broad as a buffet table at a wedding (and we’ve all been there, right?). Think U2 and Coldplay. Think your favorite love song delivered with enough heart and soul to make your toughest mate shed a tear. If your wedding day were a jigsaw puzzle (admit it, it can feel that way sometimes), Tom is the missing piece that will bring it all together.

His melodies are stunning and his tone?! Well, it’s like a warm hug for your ears. That’s why he’s become a favorite at weddings and among our corporate clients. Jake and I even had him at our wedding – consider that a stamp of approval… we were picky.

Whether it’s a touching serenade during your ceremony or setting the groove for your reception, Tom will turn your wedding or event into an unforgettable time. And here’s a little secret: guest compliments are guaranteed.



I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Sleeping At Last

Simply The Best – Tina Turner




In the realm of contemporary music, let us introduce you to the extraordinary soloist, Josh—a virtuoso whose rhythmic guitar prowess and velvety vocals come together and there you have it, one of BTV Music’s most popular male soloists.

Josh, a master of contemporary sounds, weaves intricate rhythms on guitar that beckons the listener into the palm of his hand.

With a voice as smooth as silk, butter and honey, Josh effortlessly glides through his lyrics, infusing each verse with a poignant depth that resonates with crowds of all ages.



Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder



In the realm of musical enchantment, Harp cascades like liquid gold and every note is a whispered secret. Modernised through BTV Music, we introduce you to our harpist, Emma. A maestro of the harp.

Emma’s harp playing conjures ethereal harmonies that transport listeners to a realm of tranquility and wonder. Her mastery of this timeless instrument is a testament to her dedication and artistry, where each note resonates with both precision and emotion.

Emma’s musical repertoire, a fusion of classical and modern pop songs given a different dimension on strings is exuding allure and defies expectations.

When booking Emma, prepare to be transported to a realm of musical enchantment and harmonious cadence. Emma’s artistry becomes a cherished memory etched in time.



Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

Songbird – Eva Cassidy





With each of our players hailing from the renowned halls of the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music, string duos are the loveliest pairing of two players, one with a bow to a violin and one with a bow to cello.

These remarkable duos’ synergy is akin to crescendoing classics and pop songs made unique through strings, each bow movement carries the listener to a place of awe with the gorgeous high end of the violin and and cello.

BTV Music string duos stand as a testament to the boundless possibilities of strings, where emotion meets virtuosity to create experiences that are nothing short of transcendent.

Read one of their five star reviews here.



Within the heart of our musical ensemble, and all hailing from the prestigious halls of the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music, we have, our exceptional string trios stand as distinctive gems—an exclusive gathering of virtuosos whose mastery of strings is a testament to BTV Music’s commitment to excellence.

A string trio is comprised of one violin and two violas to create the most harmonious trio.





In the intimate realm of our string quartets, all four players will hail from Adelaide’s Conservatorium of Music, each performance is a profound journey—a symphony of emotions where the resonance of every bowing movement when paired with 3 others doing the same, it’s a work of art in itself. The harmonious interplay of BTV Music’s quartets is a testament to their exclusivity, an enchanting soundscape that leaves an indelible mark of wonder and awe.

Our quartets, comprised of one viola, two violins and one cello embody the essence of our musical excellence where emotion and virtuosity unite to create moments that are truly exceptional, distinct and elegant.



Ave Maria



Get ready to groove and move with our dynamic 3-piece band—an ensemble of musical magicians who bring the ultimate dance party to life at corporate events and weddings alike.

With a repertoire that spans the spectrum from modern chart-toppers to timeless classics, these aficionados of nice vibes know exactly how to do it. Whether you’re at a corporate gala or a wedding, they’ve got the musical magic to keep the crowds toes tapping.

With BTV Music’s three piece, it’s not just about the music—it’s about the experience. Our band are more than performers; they’re your partners in creating an unforgettable atmospheres. They’ll read the room, work the crowd, and ensure that every guest is on their feet, grooving to the infectious rhythms.



Dreams – Fleetwood Mac




Get ready to groove and move with our dynamic 5-piece band—a crew that are architects of dance floors to corporate events and weddings alike.

With a repertoire that spans the spectrum from modern chart-toppers to timeless classics, our 5 piece band know exactly how to set the stage for a memorable evening keeping crowds on their feet.

They tailor their tunes to their suits just for the occasions. Hip-shaking beats? Check. Heart-pounding rhythms? Absolutely. Timeless tunes that force you want to scream sing at the top of your lungs? You bet.

With our five piece, get ready to dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening, and create memories that will be raves about for years to come.



Prepare for an extraordinary musical experience with our formidable 8-piece band—a team so tight that time after time they deliver performances adored.

Our band boasts a versatile repertoire that effortlessly spans current hits, yes, even parts of viral TikTok songs and timeless classics, ensuring an exceptional musical journey for every occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for the latest chart-toppers or the charm of beloved sing your heart out classics, our band excels in delivering a professional and captivating performance.

Full, high energy, roaring crowds? That’s BTV Music’s 8 piece and that’s their specialty.






All hail Joe, BTV Music’s first DJ to take the Adelaide wedding scene by storm. Joe is our freaking guy.

Do not think for a second that our DJs are just about the music.

He keeps the pulse of the night like the highest tech heart rate monitor and he is the ultimate keepers of good vibes.

With Joe behind the decks at your wedding or event, he will make sure every attendee’s smile is as big as the bass drops.

He’s request friendly too, of course.

Joe wants to rock your world, he just needs an invite.



Hunter is a groove master.

With Hunter behind the decks even you’re granny with be busting her best moves before dessert.

Hunter is happy to be your musical genie or you can let him take control, like all of our DJ’s, Hunter is ready to grant your every musical wish.

From chart-toppers, old classics, to a list of “this is my song!” tracks, Hunter has got it all tucked up his sleeve.

Hip-hop beats that make you move? Check. Rock anthems that ignite the crowd? Absolutely. Smooth jazz for corporate clientele? You got it.





Allow us to invite you to BTV Music’s high energy dance floors crafted by none other than Sam, a man who quite literally is the life of the party.

Sam has brought flair and finesse to dance floors for over 10 years, even sharing the stage with world class DJ’s, Boy George, Basement Jaxx and Jamie XX creating parties of thousands.

One of Sam’s greatest joys is creating dance floors that are unforgettable, he is request friendly and his playlist is client adaptable.



Get around our beloved DJ Paul.

DJ Paul holds residencies across all of Adelaide’s hot spots, one of Adelaide’s most popular wedding DJ’s, even playing SAFM’s private events as well as spots on fresh 92.7.

Paul is vetted, passionate and he’s got over 10 years under his belt to prove it. He’s not just about the tunes; he’s a virtuoso of any vibe.

You just have to brief, and he’ll do it.

He’ll have your event or wedding attendees clapping, and grooving all night long, turning your event into a non-stop party that nobody will want to leave.

No seriously, we’ve had multiple reports of guests begging Paul to keep playing after staff have shut up shop.

His energy is just that full, and so will be your dance floor.