We are Jake & Amy Battersby, founders of BTV Music.

We began our journey in the wedding industry in 2019 when we created our own business under our own names playing music at weddings. It was just us two, simply doing what we love to do most, playing music for people. As luck would have it, we became very successful very quickly, being recognised as one of Adelaide’s leading wedding duo musicians. This success brought in many bookings, so much so that I (Amy) began working full time on the business, and we decided to expand and create our own wedding music agency, contracting other talented, soulful and dedicated musicians and thus began, Behind The Veil Music. Behind The Veil music is a collection of musicians that exist to bring to weddings the magic that live music holds. We offer a range of different musicians and music packages, starting from music over your Ceremony & Canapes to our Deluxe Package which is music coverage over your whole day and night right until the end of your reception.We pride ourselves on having the best musicians on our books that have spent their whole life rehearsing and honing their craft and you get to be the beneficiaries of this on your special day! 

Jake & Amy